Aquilas K. Dapaah

By Andrew Bailes

Aquilas K. Dapaah

Aquilas Kapend Dapaah is a trial lawyer and fierce advocate for justice. Prior to that, she worked as a Commercial litigator representing individuals and large corporations in business law.  With a decade of experience under her belt, she employs zealous advocacy skills in the courtroom and through all stages of litigation. When she is not in a courtroom advocating, she is active in various community endeavors committed to the empowerment of women and our youth.

She is cofounder of a Non for profit called The Rise Initiative, an organization that Helps impact community based initiatives to succeed  

She is also the founder of Financially Savvy Girl, a platform that provides financial intelligence to help millennials improve their money management and one that is invested in women’s economic empowerment. 

As a mentor in law and financial literacy, her philosophy in life is as follows: we have two hands, one is to help yourself, the other is to help others