Geoff Turner

By Impact Public Affairs

Geoff Turner


Geoff is a leading public affairs professional in Ottawa, building on his extensive career as a senior political advisor in the Ontario government. His hands-on experience working with cabinet, caucus and opposition politicians, political staff, senior public servants, stakeholders, and media brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the politics, policy, stakeholder management, communications, and decision-making processes at work in public and government spaces. 

In his professional work, Geoff has developed a wide range of practice, including extensive portfolios in the natural resources, clean energy and ZEV space. In addition, Geoff provides thoughtful communications advice and services with a focus on public communications strategy and execution, and executive presentation coaching. His connections to Parliament Hill also run deep, where he enjoys a good reputation as an effective advocate and is a regular media commentator on federal politics and public issues.

In supporting the important work of the Canadian Club of Ottawa as a volunteer, Geoff is skilled at creating opportunities and forums for thoughtful and engaging conversations on current and public policy issues with speakers that grab our audience's attention.