Heather Tessier

By RKESTRA on behalf of the CCO

Heather Tessier is a highly accomplished organizer and Executive Assistant with exceptional problem-solving and time management skills. Her career has spanned the high-tech sector, the halls of Parliament Hill and she was Executive Assistant for Ottawa Mayor, Larry O’Brien. Heather has advised and run political campaigns at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level for over 20 years. She is a true motivator, and her enthusiastic style and flare are contagious.

Being in love with acting, drama, dance, and movies her whole life, Heather followed her dream to become an actress in 2020.  To date, she has performed in a feature film, a television series and appeared in many film productions. Heather was also the Co-Executive producer of the 50th Anniversary Concert Series of Jesus Christ Superstar in 2022. Along with her talented, musician husband Yvan, they produced the entire show for three sold-out concerts that raised over $46,000. for Dementia Research.